Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog Relaunched

After ~2 years of no blogging on, I decided to relaunch my blog writing. It's a place for me to share my experience on business, user interactive design, programming, internet marketing, as well as my products.

The blogs will mainly include topics below:

  • Tips behind design. When Kelly and I design a feature, we get user requirements, feedbacks, and consider market trends, future directions, and a lot of aspects. We try to make things simple, and make ease-to-use usability. I'd like to share the interesting stories behind feature and user interactive design.

  • Problem resolved. Not only about programming, but also platform (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux) related issues, my core framework, software deployment, website, and so on.

  • Marketing, Sales, and Business. The final goal is to sell more licenses. There may be tips, experience, success story, or whatever need to share.

  • A formal product site can get more trust from visitors. There should be another place for me to share more information about products. When visitors subscribe the product site, the content of this category will be send.

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