Sunday, January 15, 2012

LEAN1: Kick Off

Kick Off

Recently I read the book The Lean Startup. I really learned a lot from the book, new ideas and new concepts. I've been using Pomodoro Technique for several months, and use  focusbooster to track my time, log interruptions, completions and discarded pomodoros with pencil on my calender. But when I relied more on Pomodoro Technique. I really need to get statistics and want to learn from it. In addition, I hope I can get some simple GTD functionality into the timer instead of only counter down.

So 2 things motivated me: one is the book The Lean Startup,  another one is that I need a time management tool. I decided to practice the methods from the book with a minimum viable product. I do this in my spare time, and here is the timeline for my practice:

1. Purchased the domain "" on Christmas Eve, 2011.

2. Spent 2 days(12/24, 12/25, 2011) to research the market,  investigation the necessary technology, including website, user experience, feature list, and so on.

3. Starting from the evening of 12/25/2011, I started building website.

4. Starting from 12/26/2011, I started coding.

5. My initial plan is really aggressive. I hope I can get a *minimum viable* software in 3 days, and get everything done, including the website. But late I found 3 days can just started the work with a very very rough version, not "viable".

6. In the coming 3 weeks, I spent my weekends and after work hours(0~2 hours/day) working on the product. The New Year Holiday I spent 2 days to travel with my wife, no work.

7. 1/14/2011, 2 days to work for release: final test, refine installation package, config website, grab screenshots, write web pages, set pricing plan, submit to download site/search engine and so on.

8. After released to web, I also spent some time to refine and optimize website, e.g. setup cache for website, schedule some resources to load from CDN for opening speed and so on.

After I completed all those work. I started to played web game for a while for a rest. Then started to write this blog post.

So as a summary:

To release a minimum viable product on time management area to improve personal productivity, here is the cost:

  • 2 days for marketing research and technique investment.

  • 5 days, and a number of after work hours in 3 weeks  for software design and programming.

  • 2 days for releasing: website, submission.

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