Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Application Loader Unavailable

When I upload a package to Mac App Store today, I got the error message when using Application Loader:

Application loader is currently unavailable. Directory Services reported the following error: Your Apple ID or password was entered incorrectly. (-20101)

At the beginning I thought that it's because of the network error. But when I try it again after several hours, the error was still there. I then changed my network to use a proxy, still the same error. Then I logged to iTunes use my account, and authorized the computer, no lucky to resolve it. Finally I resolved the issue by several simple steps:

  1. Quit Application Loader

  2. Load Keychain Access, select "passwords" from category

  3. Search for "itunes", you'll see an application password item with the name starting with "iTunes Connect:..."

  4. Remove this item, and run Application Loader again, you'll get prompt to input your id and password.

This is the difference for applications on Mac and Windows. Windows does not have a centralized  place for internet and applications to save password, each browser or application has their own approach to manage passwords. But Mac has the Keychain Access to manage all your passwords. Once you are told that something is wrong with your id/password on Mac, then the first place to go is the Keychain Access, try to remove the stored password and login again.

Good luck:)