Monday, April 2, 2012

LEAN2: What Happened in the First 75 Days

What Happened in the First 75 Days

There have been two and a half months since My last blog post The Lean Startup, My Real Practice. Here is the notes about what what has happened in the past 75 days.
  • Released a new version in February 7, 22 days after I released the first version. The majority change is the refinement of user interface for lists of to do today, task list, and interruptions. Here is the post I asked in stackoverflow.
  • Made a promotion on Giveaway of the Day in February 29, provided a one-day promotion for free of charge.
  • Made a promotion on bits dujour, provided a one-day promotion for 50% discount.
Here is the statistics for traffic:
  • 11,175 Visits, there are half of the visits are from the Giveaway of the Day promotion. Recently the traffic getting stable to about 790 visits per week.

  • 44.81% Bounce Rate, I hope I can improve this number, but in future when I made efforts on SEO, I think this number should be higher than current.

  • Traffic source within the past 75 days:
    • 17.34% Search Traffic
    • 63.90% Referral Traffic
    • 18.56% Direct Traffic

  • 48.96% Search Traffic within recent 2 weeks. The traffic number is impacted a lot by GOTD promotion.
[caption id="attachment_63" align="aligncenter" width="743" caption="PomodoroApp Visits (weekly) from 01/15/2012 to 03/31/2012"][/caption]

About the revenue:

  • January: US$0.00
  • February: US$0.00
  • March: The first order happens in March 3. 2 order for organic traffic, and 17 orders from the promotion on bits dujour. The total sales is: US$249.94, and profit is $127.82. In addition, some profit from promotion on GOTD.
  • I'm not sure how much will get in April, but the sure thing is that there is no promotions in April. If you have any suggestions to have promotion options, please be sure to let me know.
What's I'm working in progress:
  • Redesign the user interface, propose the concept of "dashboard", tasks will be categorized by dashboard.
  • Refactor the code and prepare to integrate with Jira.
Something that I didn't do well and should be improved:
  • I spent too much time to review traffic statistics from google analytics. However, my most important task is to complete the new version as soon as possible.
  • I didn't take time to follow up when PomodoroApp appears on social networks or blogs, news software. I can find those site by looking for the emergency traffic from a referrer.
  • I didn't have a tight schedule or plan for my new release since February 7. However, when I release the first 2 versions, I made a very aggressive deadline and did my best to follow the date.
  • My fulltime daily job made me exhausted and I didn't have energy to continue to work in after work hours.