Sunday, May 26, 2013

LEAN5: Does user really need data synchronization

Does user really need data synchronization across multiple devices?

As mentioned in this post, I started a new version of PomodoroApp and finally supported data synchronization across multiple devices. The initial idea is, PomodoroApp is a cross platform application, and in future it will be on both iPhone and Android. I spent a lot of efforts on supporting data sync, and spent money on servers. Let's see the result:

After the data sync is available, the visits to my site is still getting at the stable speed(the red line with a slope). The new version with data synchronization looks does not have any impact to the slope. So even users coming in with a stable increasing speed, I hope more people will be interested on buy the license. The page "pricing-plan" was set as goal page, and you can see the conversion rate. The conversion rate to the page "pricing-plan" keeps around 20%, no change when this new feature introduced.

So, on desktop side, data synchronization may not be a "must-have" feature. I think it "should-have", actually it's "nice-to-have". This is somewhat anti-lean-startup. Actually "data sync" is not what user requested mostly, and user never mentioned mobile support before. What they write to me most, is still on user experience side.

The good thing is, more and more customers requested to make it available on mobile devices. The mobile app still not released yet. Let's see what will happen once data sync across mobile and desktop is available.


  1. I am really unhappy with your service. since 3 month I having emailconversation with the team. Until now I got only one anser:

    Hi Chris,
    I'm sorry that I didn't get your previous email. I searched the mail box and didn't find it yet. Could you please send me the license key so that I can check if there is anything wrong?

    (BTW: we have renamed to "TeamViz")


    I have paid for an update service which never works. Furthermore, I have got no more answer - this is annoying .

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