Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cross Platform - Initial Idea

I worked on a commercial product for 7 years. have more than 400 million dollar revenue per year. That product can running on Windows and Mac, also a lite version on web, android and iPhone/iPad, and have data interoperability across all the platforms. We have investigated various possible techniques to support cross platform development using C#/C++/Objective-C, with some framework like Qt framework, as well as some other approach like HTML+CSS+JavaScript for cross-platform features. I want to share my working experience on some technologies that support cross-platform development.

Decades ago, when the 2nd operation system came to the world, there is the needs for cross platform development. We need to choose the target platforms based on current marketing shares. Here is the majority target platforms:
- Desktop
 - Microsoft Windows
 - Mac OS X, Apple Inc.
 - Linux(My favorite distribution is Ubuntu)
from, February 2013

- Mobile
 - Google Android, there is also difference between handheld and tablet.
 - Apple iOS, there is also difference between iPhone and iPad

from, February 2013

For this series of articles, I'll starting with this roadmap:
- Programming Language for cross-platform development.
- Review of frameworks for cross desktop operations, e.g. Qt, Mono, wxWidgets
- Review of web as platform: HTML 5, Native Client
- Review of frameworks supporting multiple mobile frameworks, e.g. PhoneGap, Appcelerator/Titanium