Monday, July 29, 2013

LEAN7: Migrate from MongoDB to AWS DynamoDB + SimpleDB

Migrate from MongoDB to DynamoDB + SimpleDB: New Server Side Architecture Ready for More Users

Recently we have 14,000 registered users, a small portion of them are paid users. I feel that TeamViz is recognized for more and more sales (even still a very small number) generated every month. However, I start to get trouble on our server architecture mentioned in this post. The issue is, the MongoDB backed database getting locked for unknown reason for several minutes every 2 hours. Initially, the all request will be hold for 2 minutes every 2 hours 7 minutes. Now it becomes more worse, all request will be hold for 7 minutes every 2 hours and 7 minutes. I asked this question on stackoverflow, but no answer yet. So I can either increase the capacity of servers, or shift to another database server. We are small, and I can try different solutions.

Because all the connection will be hold for several minutes, so the connection on load balancer looks like this way. (At the beginning I though the server are attacked, but no one will attack a sever every 2 hours 7 minutes, and for 1 month, right ^_^ )

So here are several possible solutions. Use another NoSQL database, or use managed NoSQL database. My first decision is to looking for other NoSQL database servers, I have read comparison of NoSQL solutionsthis link about NoSQL benchmark, and this link about couchbase. Every NoSQL database has some pros and cons.

I then talked with Kelly about the cost of server, cost of managed service, possibility of shifting to other NoSQL providers, or even shifting to MySQL. The conclusion is, current issue on MongoDB is just a start, we may take more time on managing databases and resolve performance, or some unknown issues. This will cost much energy. However, our focus is to providing better product. There are a lot of fun on playing NoSQL and other cutting edge technology. But that's not our goal. Shifting to managed database service can help us focusing on providing features/fix issues on product itself. At least we have a long list of features and issues to resolve. So we shifted to Amazon AWS DynamoDB, and to reduce the cost, part of the data on AWS SimpleDB. The server side is almost rewrote to handle the database change. I take this chance to practiced Promise pattern on node.js. It works great! and leveraged the middleware technology provided by Express framework. In addition, hold data of DynamoDB and SimpleDB in memcache. Everything has worked great for 24 hours (except that I got some error logs on memcache).

Here are the picture after 10 hours of migration. The huge periodically traffic disappeared.

Here are the new architecture on database and sync server.

You may have concern about accessing AWS from Linode, currently it's fine. We have more than 1.3 million items in one DynamoDB table, and response from DynamoDB to get one record by key is 25 ~ 45 ms from Linode network. SimpleDB has less than 20k items, and also 25 ~ 45 ms.

Some notes about the new architecture:
- Why Linode: much cheaper than AWS EC2.
- Why AWS DynamoDB and SimpleDB: don't want to worry about managing database.
- memcached suppose to work independently, we use CouchBase because they provided automatic clustering.
- Still, the design goal is to scale out. Every machine is independent. We can add more sync server and memcached server independently.
- Future plan: currently we still need a message queue, AWS SQS does not provide a way for post event to multiple subscribers simultaneously. RabbitMQ can make it. But message queue is not urgent so far.
- Future blog: I will share more experience on using SimpleDB and DynamoDB.


  1. You can use AWS SNS to post event to multiple subscribers, cannot you?
    - Future plan: currently we still need a message queue, AWS SQS does not provide a way for post event to multiple subscribers simultaneously. RabbitMQ can make it. But message queue is not urgent so far.

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  3. I understand you use CouchBase as a drop in replacement for memcached.

    Might I question why you didn't choose AWS Elasticache? I'm inclined to replicate what you do here, but we would use Elasticache instead. Comments?

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